Shinja Martial Arts University

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Black Belts of SBRK

Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo Black Belts

Shinja Buke Ryu does not issue "honorary" Black Belts.

Every holder of a SBRK Black Belt have either personally tested in front of Soke John Enger or one of his Certified Instructors and/or hold advanced Dan ranking(s) in another combat
martial art similar in style to SBRK. An investigation into their martial arts background is conducted to verify the legitimacy of their Dan ranking(s). Their skill level in that particular combat art is then personally observed by Soke Enger.         


SBRK rank can be only verified by Soke John Enger and then released with the approved consent of the individual being inquired about. Soke Enger has taken the stance that this information is no different than inquiring about someone's personal medical or bank records.  



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