Shinja Martial Arts University

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Vice President


Grandmaster Tony Southard
  Vice President
Combatives Director

Southard Combat system is a proven, excellent self-defense system developed by Grand Master Tony Southard. Techniques such as: Pressure Point, weapons, anti-rape, military training, security, hand-to-hand combat training, police training, how to disarm an opponent. The answer to today's crimes, check us out!

Grandmaster Anthony (Tony) Southard has been in Martial Arts for over 40 years and has obtained numerous achievements during this time.

This is a man who loves God and is also an Ordained Minister of the Gospel as well as serving as a Chaplain with the SMAU. 

10th Dan in Southard Combat System

-Naval Security Forces Senior Protection Instructor
-Law Enforcement Self Defense Instructor
-PhD in Martial Arts Science (Self-Defense) and Doctor of Budo
-Combatives Director of Shinja Martial Arts
-Undefeated Kick boxer who was scheduled to fight for the World Championship.
-Certified Expert Specialist in weapons
-An expert at gun and knife disarming.
-Certified Personal Trainer.
-Certified Body Guard
-Certified Kubotan/ Mini Baton

Music by: Terry Clark
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