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What is a CMA?
What is a Christian Martial Art?


Today many have come to define a Christian Martial Art as one that is practiced or taught by a professed Christian. However, upon examination, you will find nothing more that a professed Christian practicing or teaching a traditional Martial Art, with much of it's anti-Christian theories, traditions, and practices in tact.

Additionally, "Christian" associations have popped up over the years many of which implement some sort of Bible Study, etc. into their teaching curriculum, but again they fall short of actually practicing a Christian Martial Art for they too practice traditional arts including their theories, traditions, and occult practices.

Therefore, for a martial art to be termed a "Christian Martial Art" it must not reproduce any of the methods of worship hidden within the original system and it should not reproduce anti-Christian worldviews, traditions, or ceremony. For example, Taekwondo practitioners teach a form of kata (poomsae) called Tae Guek. Tae Geuk patterns according to the Kukkiwon Training Manual and their website mimick the 8 divination signs as represented on the Korean Flag (The black bars around the blue and red yin/yang symbol). Upon examining the Tae Geuk one will find that it is actually a type of religion that was hidden within Taekwondo.

Therefore, a Christian that bows to the Korean flag "in respect" bows to an idol used for worship. When a Christian practices and trains in Tae Geuk Poomsae, they worship the god for which the pattern was produced, again worshipping an idol and an unknown god. This type of situation is pervasive in all Asian martial arts and many of those of Europe.

Thus, a Christian Martial Art is one in which ALL theory, practice, tradition, and application points to Messiah Jesus alone. So please be leary of Christian martial arts groups that endorse traditional asian arts as they have always been taught, touting ranks and lineage from the "source" of the art, for you are not getting a Christian art at all.

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