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The individual martial artists noted below have been awarded the


This Award cannot be purchased and there is absolutely no fee attached to the issuing of this honor.
Each recipient has dedicated themselves in some significant and sacrificial way by coming to the aid and/or assistance of another martial artist(s) or citizen(s).

The award states:

“In recognition and valuable contributions for his/her love of mankind through Martial Arts and working tirelessly without seeking due recognition for his/her efforts.
for both God and mankind”.

If you know a martial artist that meets this criteria please contact John Enger at

with a detailed reason as to why that individual deserves to be recognized. The request will be reviewed and a decision made based upon the details of the written request


Recipients of the Shinja Buke Ryu Martial Arts Humanitarian Award

* Master Quoc L. Tran

* Master Peter Brusso

* Master Donald Miskel

* Master Fernan Vargas

* Master Paul Corrigan

* Master Vanessa Greene & * Soke Rick Greene

* Master Ed Martin

* Master Alberto Merlo

* Master John Cozatt

* Sifu Larry McFadden

* Master Drew Arthur

* Master Jeff Dukes, Sr.

* Master Ashida Kim

* Master Stoffel van Vuuren

* Master Ernie Reynolds

* Master Irving Soto

* Master John Ward

* Master Paul-Raymond Buitron III

* Sensei Tom Howanic

* Master Ted Gambordella

* Professor Mario Lorenzana

* Sensei Lonnie Muhammad

* Sensei Bev Channer

* Russell Bolen (RED BEAR)

* Master David Harris

* Master Darrell Smith

* Master Walter Rice

* Master Eugene Rice

* Master Tim J. Flynn

* Master Jonathan Kruger

* Master Jimmy Mc

* Master Israel Velez

* Master Clyde Surrett

* Master Kelly Oliver

* Master Michael Robinson

* Master Bruce Calkins

* Master Robert Olah

* Master Sam Albright

* Sensei Jason L. Winget

* Master Roberto Gonzalez Haramboure

* Master Andrew J. Pearce

* Master Craig E. Carter

* Master Kirk “Farouk” Gibbs

* Master Kevin Pereira

* Master Jason W. Carter

* Master Jagdish Singh Khatri

* Master Michael Kinney

* Master John M. Landry

* Master Jay Blanton

* Master Robert Paul Blanton

* Master Greg Lacey

* Sensei Kevin W. Putala

* Hanshi Lou Angel

* Master Gary Brielmayer

* Master Jason Marcos Velez

* Master Robert Honn Wyss

* Master Ramon L. Colon Velez

* Master Patrick Dumas

* Master Gholamreza Gholami

* Sensei David Skelton

* Instructor Sydney Skelton

* Master John Kovacs

* Master William C. Kelley

* Master Rich Stevenson

* Master John Sharpe

* Master George Gaspar Munoz

* Master Timothy Anderson

* Sensei Ron Preacher

* Master Mike Carmiche

* Master Jerome Fonseca

* Master Alan S. Thorton

* Master Martin Andersson

* Master Robert Cutrell

* Master Chris J (Blackwolf) MacDonald

* Master Jeffrey Prather

* Master Emanuel Rodriguez

* Master Michael Helmick

* Master David LeBleu

* Master Bryant K. Harrell

* Master Reginald King, Sr.

* Master Mark Pritts

* Master Geoffrey R. Spohn

* Master Musta Balkan

* Sensei Raven Anja Munster