Shinja Martial Arts University






* National Korea Martial Arts Association of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

* Black Lotus Martial Arts Association, USA

* Kensei Ryu International Martial Arts Association, Australia

* Thunderbolt Kenpo Association, Australia

* Christian Martial Arts Council, USA

* Original European JuJitsu/JuJutsu Union, Spain

* International Tranjitsu Federation, USA

* International Tinh Vo Dao Federation, USA

* Combat Warrior Martial Arts Association, USA

* Christ-Mission Martial Arts Alliance, USA

* International Lu Tran Kung Fu Association, USA

* Tran’s Combat Martial Arts Academy, USA

* Combat Self Defence Academy, United Kingdom

* Black Dragon Fighting Society College of Martial Arts, USA/South Africa

* International Martial Arts Council of America, USA

* International Association of EUROPA Budo 2000, Italy

* IPP Krav Maga International, Italy

* DOJO Academy of Martial Arts, USA

* International Fellowship of Martial Artists, USA

* Diversified League of Martial Artists, USA

* United States Ju-Jitsu Kai, USA

* Kodokwan Judo and JuJitsu Club of Zambia/South Africa

* United States Council of Martial Arts Standards, USA

*International Bujutsu Society, Switzerland

* Asian Grandmasters Association, India

* Mang Ho Martial Arts Federation, USA

Our Mission and Philosophy

If you are looking to practice martial arts as a sport or are looking to become involved in cage or octagon blood matches then you will be disappointed with what we will teach you at Shinja Buke Ryu of Bradenton, Florida. Our mission is to teach motivated students how to protect themselves and/or their loved ones if ever attacked by any person(s) in this violent world in which we find ourselves today.

Martial arts practiced as a sport and martial arts practiced as a self-defense or sometimes referred to as a “combat art” are two entirely separate philosophies. We do not “compete” in tournaments nor do we teach “Katas” in our particular system. The student will spend their time working on devastating self-defense techniques. The student will learn how to defend against many types of weapons as well as use them if it necessary to defend ones life. In the true sense of the meaning of “Mixed Martial Arts” or perhaps better described as a “Blended Martial Art” (BMA) as we use many different defensive techniques from many other styles, such as Kenpo, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu and Anjing Banfa as well as techniques specifically unique to the Shinja Buke Ryu system itself.

The instructors are committed Christians who believe in the sanctity of human life. No student is ever encouraged to engage in a fight for the sake of “testing” ones skill or provoke a confrontation. In fact, our students are instructed to disengage through self-discipline unless they or another innocent person is aggressively pursued or attacked at which time they have the right to use justifiable and reasonable force based upon whatever situation they are confronted with.

Each student has the opportunity to earn rank within the Shinja Defense System. We recognize that each student is unique and will progress at their own pace for many different reasons. We do have a colored belt or ranking system where all start earning their first rank of “White Belt” and can progress on through the various colored belt rankings up to 1st Dan (degree) “Black Belt” and beyond if they so desire.

If you desire to learn a practical self-defense system we would be most happy to discuss our school with you. For further information contact

Instructor John Enger