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We have a wide selection of patches to choose from and meet your needs. Below you find our price chart and shipping costs.

NOTE: Discounts on more than one patch must be of the same type of patch. If they are different then the discount will not apply. Sorry, this is based on factory regulations when making the patches!

Foreign shipping/handling charges please inquire!

Place order by the following method:

1. If you have a PayPal account, log into PayPal and send a payment directly to using the Pricing and Shipping/Handling Chart. Be sure to describe the patch, patch size, number desired, mailing address.

2. If you do not have a PayPal account you may send a personal check or money order made out to John Enger at the following address with all of the information requested in #1 above.

John Enger
7109 46th Avenue Circle East
Bradenton, Florida 34203

*Failure to provide correct information and payment will delay the order. All patches will be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Any questions please call: 941-812-5025

Our Patches are Unique!

What are dyed patches?

  • Fabric patch with satin-stitched edge, customized with your logo or personalized
  • Image is permanently DYED into patch, not embroidered or stitched
  • Made with the same permanent dye process as colorful polyester clothing
  • Machine washable and dryable, scrubbable, dry cleanable
  • Fabric glues available for the sewing-challenged – choose washable/dryable or washable/dryable/drycleanable

Are they durable?

The design is molecularly bonded with the fabric, so they are extremely durable. Customer tests report you can do anything to the patches – scrub them, launder them, expose them to salt water, wear them in the rain – they do fail the broil test, however.

If you can go out in the rain wearing polyester, you can do the same with our patches. The image will not run or bleed because it is permanently dyed into the fabric. The image will not scratch off as in screen printing or get snagged as in embroidery because it is molecularly bonded, subsurface.

Why would I want these rather than embroidered patches?

  • Can order smaller quantities, as low as one patch
  • Unlimited colors and gradients available
  • Extremely fine detail
  • Edges and background can match exactly
  • No threads to fray
  • Clean-looking text without thread between the words


PATCH #1 – Shinja Buke Ryu in Gold and Black Patch

PATCH #2 – Shinja Buke Ryu in Green Patch

PATCH #3 – Krav Jitsu Patch

PATCH #4 – SMAU General Member Logo Patch

PATCH #5 – SMAU Certified Training Center Patch

PATCH #6 – SMAU Chaplain Corp/Clergy Team Patck

PATCH #7 – E.J.J.U. Patch

PATCH #9 – Shinja Masters & Headmasters Council Patch

PATCH #8 – Masters College of Martial Arts Patch

PATCH #10 – Belt Patch Choose either the 1.5″ X2.5″ or the 2″ patch to be sewn on the end your be belt!

Patch #11 – Survival Communication P15 V1

Patch #12 – Defender Instructor — Science of Combat