Shinja Martial Arts University





The Senior Council serves in an “advisory capacity” to the President similar to that of the SMAU Advisory Board. However, there is a definitive distinction between the two in that the Senior Council may be consulted on much broader and more sensitive issues pertaining to concerns of the President of the SMAU. All Senior Council members hold Grandmaster status or are men/women serving as major contributors to the martial arts through business or healing arts of various capacities and who share in the vision of  
Shinja Martial Arts University. 

Senior Council Members

* Grandmaster Michael Kinney (Deceased 2014)
* Grandmaster Rick Greene

* Grandmaster Javier Galan Vazquez
* Grandmaster Ashida Kim
* Grandmaster Ernie Reynolds
* Grandmaster Donald Miskel
* Grandmaster Irving Soto
* Grandmaster Jeff Dukes, Sr.

* Grandmaster Ted Gambordella

* Grandmaster Darrell Smith
* Grandmaster Roberto Gonzalez Haramboure
* Grandmaster Jay Blanton
* Grandmaster Jason Marcos Velez
* Grandmaster Wesley Ruiz
* Grandmaster John Kovacs
* Grandmaster William (“Bill”) C. Kelley
* Grandmaster John Sharpe
* Grandmaster John M. Landry
* Grandmaster Robert Cutrell
* Grandmaster David Harris
* CFO/Senior Vice President-SRC4U/ Ray Foley
* Founder of Energy Essentials/ Dr. Ed Carlson
* Shihan Jeffrey Prather
* Grandmaster Bryant Harrell
* Sigung Jerome Fonseca