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In the Tactical Self-Defense program students will learn basic self-defense concepts and strategies ranging from your typical man on the street attacks and scenarios to ground encounters and vehicular safety concepts. John Enger is a retired Lieutenant Commander of the University of Minnesota Police Department with 22 years experience. During his career he trained with numerous martial artists with various backgrounds and also received many Defensive Tactics Instructor Certifications, Classroom, Firearms and Tactical Baton Instructor Certifications at the State level as well as being certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). John has instructed many law enforcement officers, security officers and private individuals in how to defend themselves on the street.

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Key Ring Stick – Freestyle

We live in an unpredictable and violent world. Law enforcement officers cannot be everywhere and the arrival of help often times is slow at best if non-existent depending on where you are. The techniques that you will be taught with the “Key Ring Stick” in this manual are simple, effective and are designed to give you a chance to escape an attack on you and/or your loved one(s).

 As a former law enforcement officer I have had the opportunity to see the damage that can be inflicted by the use of the “Key Ring Stick” by a victim on her attacker. In this case, because the woman had in her possession a “Key Ring Stick” much like the one you will see in this manual, her screaming for help which alerted homeowners nearby to call 911 and a quick response of law enforcement, her attacker was located by the use of our K-9 Officer. The attacker was easily identified by the serious wounds he sustained to his face – with one requiring stitches just below the left eye. Based upon information from the attending emergency room physician had the set of keys struck the eye(s) directly the perpetrator would have permanently lost vision in the eye(s) struck.

 The training being provided in this manual can easily be instructed to both young and old alike. It’s what I call the Unequivocal Equalizer!

~ John C. Enger